Foam Roofing

What Can Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Insulating Systems Do For You?

With its versatility, unique physical characteristics and impressive track record, a Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing system provides you with a long list of problem solving benefits that distinguish it from other roofing materials.

  • • Stops air infiltration, the number one culprit of energy loss
  • • Durable, reflective coating keeps your roof cool
  • • Provides a seam-free insulating barrier against the elements
  • • Applies easily to save you time and money

Polyurethane foam is a monolithic water proofing system protected by a layer of elastomeric coating 24mil. Thick or 3 gallons per square. This roofing method is by far the most superior method for a flat roofing system. We can adjust the thickness of material applied to the roof to remove all major ponding areas, and add slope to a roofing system to move water where the water should be draining. Polyurethane foam roof system meets all title 24 requirements and will add a 6.4 r insulation value for each inch of foam added and with an added bonus 85% of the sun’s rays will be reflected by our elastomeric coating. Polyurethane foam can be installed over most old roofing systems. With polyurethane foam system there will be monetary savings for you in energy by the increase of value and reflectivity factor along with you knowing that very little waste will go into local waste landfills.

Polyurethane foam is also an excellent method for all interior outer walls or attic insulation needs. With a 6.4 r value for every inch installed. Whether you install in a 2x4 studs wall (19.2 r) at three inches or a 2x6 studs wall (32r) at five inches. The insulation value of your walls will never diminish in r value. Installing polyurethane foam will meet all your insulation needs and will meet or be above building codes requirements.

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